- Reviews for Promised Land Lane -
***** Horror at it's very best
As soon as I saw the extreme creepiness of the cover of "Promised Land Lane" I knew I had to read it!
I don't often read horror novels (in fact I think this is only about the 3rd one I've read) but the scary face of Maisie Whitmore has been popping up on my Facebook newsfeed a lot recently and I knew I was destined to dive in.
There were times during reading that I would have loved to have read it with my eyes tightly screwed shut - but that isn't possible!
A very scary read and as my own daughter is very blonde and named Maisy - I hope she doesn't wake in the night and meet me on the landing as I'm sure I will be petrified thinking about this horrific, yet compelling read.
The characters were described so intricately that I feel like I knew them so well.
I really hope a movie is made from "Promised Land Lane" as it could be a real blockbuster in the cinemas, I just may need a hand to hold and a cushion to hide behind!
A fabulous read and I hope to read many more by Marcus Brown.....


What a fabulous read. I was gripped, as somebody who typically reads "Girly Novels" I fancied a change and I was pleasantly surprised. A real page turner, I recommend you take the time to read this book.

***** Gripping Story

I give this book 5 stars as I could not put the book down. I found it well written and a gripping story and I didn't get the ending I thought I would. Well done Marcus for a ending that I did not expect. Its the first book I have read by Marcus Brown and it will not be the las