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For millennia, Empusa has ruled as Mother of the Nightwalkers.

Tired of her reign, and determined to die, therefore ending the curse of the Nightwalkers, she plays one final, dangerous game. But whose side is she truly on and what will it mean for Bethany Anderson and the remaining members of the Beck family?

Unaware of her betrayal, the Vampire Council stand by whilst she condemns Kane to death.

However, it must be Selena Buckland who takes her father’s life -- ordered by the Witches Council. Her refusal to do so will ensure she is punished for betraying her own kind in mating with a vampire.

Hecate, watching from Mount Olympus regrets cursing her daughter and intervenes, trying to sway the outcome in Empusa’s favor.

Zeus, furious with her interference in the mortal realm threatens to banish her to the Underworld to suffer alongside her daughter.

The battle is set, but who will emerge victorious?

*This is the final part in The Nightwalker Mysteries series of novellas*