NOW available at reduced pre-order price from Amazon. THE CROCKWORTHY SISTERS - PART ONE - THE DARK MAGIC MURDERS Amazon 🇬🇧 - £0.99 Amazon 🇺🇸 - $0.99 FREE on Kindle Unlimited. eBook / Kindle / Paperback. Released on 24th August 2017. In 1692, the Crockworthy sisters were forced to flee through time, to escape persecution during the Salem Witch Trials. For over three hundred years, the sisters have lived in peace, but an enemy from their past is close to catching up with them. Following a string of gruesome murders, and unbeknownst to them, the sisters are being ushered toward a long overdue battle. Who is the Dark Magic Murderer, and what does it mean for the Crockworthy Sisters? 

I hope you all enjoy it.... Marcus xXx 

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