Well, I did say I would keep you informed, and I will stay true to my word, so here goes...

I went to FAT CLUB last night, and stepped onto those scales - was I the only one who heard them shout... 'GET OFF, FATTY!'?



You're just being kind because I soon jumped off and watched as my wonderful leader, Alison, wrote the figure onto a piece of paper for me (How could I forget?).

But rather than feel down about it, I feel energised and am raring to go.

This morning, I will confess to feeling annoyed with myself for letting things take a backward slide when it literally nearly killed me losing the weight in the first place. (I joke not - think Intensive Care, many months of medication, frequent hospital visits, scans - you name it. I had it.)

It is nobody's fault but my own, and maybe it's a good thing I am forced into action as this is part of the journey to my first book signing in Blackpool with Netta Newbound in August 2020. (Will I see you there? I hope so!)

Anyway, I won't tell you what I weigh, but if you put two Mini Coopers, Jabba the Hut and a Bull Elephant together, you might have a better idea.

So, today I am prepared and ready for battle.

I have just had a healthy lunch and am stuffed;





That isn't a lot you might think, especially for a man, but my excess weight is not caused by a need for copious amounts of 'normal' food at all, in fact, quite the opposite. I have little desire to eat normal food, especially in gargantuan portions... Instead, my problems lie at the feet of 'Mr Cadbury's Buttons' and 'Mrs Cadbury's Creme Egg'.

If I were to be offered the following choices what would I choose?;



Yes, you guessed correctly... Number 2, every single time.

And right there is where the problem lies for me. I would rather the sweets than anything with nutritional value.

But, there is a simple answer to my problem and that is the word NO. I have to learn to say NO to myself and stick to it. Dieting is all about WILL POWER and SELF CONTROL - I do have both. I just have to find out where I left them.

I have never smoked and don't take drugs. Alcohol isn't a problem either, but one look at a bar of chocolate and I'm like a crack addict - I want it, and MORE!

Going forward I aim to drastically reduce the unhealthy elements from my diet, but I won't be the fool who says I will never eat this or that, because I know I will, but in sensible portions. A little bit of everything never hurt anyone, so we shall see how it goes. I might be like a bear with a sore arse over the next few days, but Tuesday 28th January 2020 is my next weigh-in.

All will be revealed, good or bad.

Now, I won't bore you with endless newsletters, but I will check in once a week with my progress.

Who knows, it might inspire some of you to make changes.

Until next time.


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