Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all well?

I can't believe we're at the tail end of January 2020 already. But here we are, and I have achieved very little this month.

In fact, it has been a terrible month for me.

I had planned on a productive month, but I picked up a bug and have been mostly in bed with a chest infection. Yes, I am a typical man and think it will go on its own, so I haven't been to visit my GP, but enough is enough, as they say... tomorrow I will bite the bullet and make an appointment.

Tomorrow will be difficult on another level.

As most will know who follow me on Facebook will know, on Monday 13th January, my little dog and best friend, Susie, crossed the Rainbow Bridge. For dog lovers out there, they know how devastating it is, and I confess, I have spent the past week in bed coughing my head off and crying my eyes out because I miss her so much.

So, tomorrow we get her ashes back which will no doubt set me and my other half off again - puffy eyes are not a good look and I am such an ugly crier. But, she will be home, which is the main thing.

Both Jon and I have our memories of her, and no dog was loved more.


Tonight will present their own challenges as FAT CLUB finally beckons.

I should have returned weeks ago, but with moving house, being ill, losing Susie, and a host of other things, I put it off, or used the aforementioned as an excuse. So, at 5:30, despite coughing like an old man, this evening, I will step onto the scales and might be crying for another reason.

But I will tell you all about it in my next newsletter and my plans to combat the six chins and arse that slaps the back of my knees when I walk.

Until then... stay safe and keep smiling.


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